Study in Canada: Step-By-Step Guide for International Students

Step 1: Understand the requirements

To successfully apply to a Canadian educational institution, you need to understand the different needs of schools and
the courses they offer.Candidates also need to carefully analyze the rules and regulations applicable to the study
permit application process.
Only accredited schools and approved study periods will be significant.Ideally,you should start planning your Canadian
study permit at least a year in advance.
Common requirements for all universities and institutes include a recent passport, proof of passing the proposed
language exams with a minimum grade band with proficiency in English or French
and proof that you have completed your studies. As well as living in the country can spend
Of course, requirements may vary between provinces,so this step must be taken in a careful and systematic manner.

Step 2: Choose your Course and Institution

The first step in choosing an institution is to find out its status as a designated learning institution. Only DLIs can admit foreign students.When applying to study in Canada you will need to finalize a particular major course.Canada’s educational setup for switching courses is flexible, although it’s a goodidea to compare your options in advance and choose one of the ones you’re really interested in pursuing.

Step 3: Take the Language Proficiency Test

To be successfully admitted to Canada, every international student must be proficient in English or French.IELTS is the preferred test for proficiency in English, some institutions have also accepted Cambridge English.Choose a test, pay a fee, and book your dates in advance.Of course, you need to improve your language skills to ensure that your application is not rejected.

Step 4: Apply to Universities
Now it’s time to contact the shortlist of universities, get their application packs, and submit them in advance.Choosing to apply at a dozen universities can be beneficial, but you will have to consider the application fee, which ranges from 100 to 250.Don’t apply at random. Compare your options, identify your preferred course and institution, and select one or two alternatives as a backup.Be careful when filling out the application form and make sure you provide accurate information with the help of documentary evidence.Once this is done, there is a waiting period until you accept it.Once you have confirmed your interest,the university will send a letter of acceptance, which plays an important role in further formalities.
Step 5: Apply for a study permit

Now that you have an institution ready to enroll you, it’s time to apply for a Canada Study Permit. You can apply online
or visit your local visa application center.
Your application must be accompanied by a letter of acceptance received in the previous step, your passport, and documentary
evidence that you have adequate financial resources to study in Canada.
If you have applied to an institution in the province of Quebec, you will also receive a “Certification du Quebec” (CAQ),
along with a letter of acceptance. Make sure you include this document in your study permit application.
Step 6: Travel Time

Once the application has been processed and an interview, if necessary, has been conducted,
the Immigration Officer will decide on your study permission application.
If accepted, now is the time to start planning your trip to Canada.

Your license will have a start date, the date from which the license takes effect.
Remember that you will not be allowed to enter Canada before this date.
Plan your trip accordingly.
Step 7: Study Time

The Immigration Officer will verify your permit and other documents at the port of entry before you enter Canada.
This is the final stage of the immigration formalities and you can now focus on starting your journey as an international
student in Canada.

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