Difficulty reading and child abuse 2021

There are some videos on the web during which teachers are abusing their students while teaching. he’s asking the youngsters to read from the book but the youngsters aren’t being read properly as a results of which they’re being beaten by their teachers. They include schoolteachers and non secular school teachers. rather than being furious and abusing their children for not reading the book correctly, the teachers wouldn’t beat them up if they tried to seek out out the explanations why the youngsters couldn’t read properly. research project and anthropology have discovered that some children don’t read correctly due to a condition called dyslexia, which may be called “difficulty reading and writing.”


This condition makes it difficult to read and write correctly. Dyslexia affects the areas of the brain that process the tongue. People with dyslexia have difficulty reading and writing correctly. Children who are abused by their teachers for not reading a lesson can also have dyslexia, so it’s important to draw their attention thereto and help them. Dyslexia is an inherited condition that’s passed from parents to children and is present at birth. It can’t be prevented nor can it’s treated with medication. However, this problem are often reduced with the assistance of special guidance and better arrangements. Also, remember that dyslexia isn’t a sort of autism, but it’s quite different. If a toddler shows any of those symptoms, it should be thoroughly examined and diagnosed, and it should be done by the age of three to seven. If a toddler has this problem, they ought to first have their ears and eyes examined and see if their hearing and vision are OK.


If anyone has this problem then don’t worry, you’re not alone within the world, this problem is found in 10% of the world’s population. it’s more common in boys than in girls. The intelligence of such children isn’t affected. Nor do they need any mental problems and that they can lead a traditional life. many of us in Sweden’s royalty have difficulty reading and writing. Sweden’s wealthy Carl Gustaf also suffers from this problem. Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip are affected by it. His mother was Queen Salvia, who noticed the matter in her children at an early age. Princess Victoria says she was lucky that her mother acknowledged from the beginning and she or he was very supportive, which helped us overcome the matter . Many great people of the planet are affected by this problem but they need overcome it and earned their name and fame.


Among them are the good scientist Einstein, the foremost inventive scientist Edison, British Prime Minister Churchill, Ford of the us , Muhammad Ali, the planet boxing champion, the founding father of the Swedish organization IKEA, Angor Caprad, the King of Norway and therefore the current US President. Including Donald Trump. The condition is inherited and is passed from parents to children through inherited substances called genes. Researchers at the University of Lancashire in Sweden are investigating whether there could also be something within the brain that causes it and the way the matter occurs. within the future, research project are going to be ready to provide more information, but it’s not yet possible to cure hereditary diseases with drugs. Therefore, by understanding such diseases, we will take steps which will reduce their severity and make it easier for people affected by such disorders.


Teachers and fogeys should remember of the issues of those children and will not treat them harshly but should help them. There should be awareness within the society about this and if anyone is facing this problem then it should be ridiculed and inconvenienced. rather than trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. they ought to not be asked to read aloud and if they create mistakes in reading they ought to be treated amorously and affection. If someone has difficulty reading and writing, it’s best to answer the questions orally. Similarly, if there’s difficulty in writing a solution , then an oral answer are often given

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